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Journal of Public Health

01 Mar 2011

The effect of intimate partner violence and other forms of violence against women on health
Violence against women causes many injuries and is the leading factor in many physical and psychological health problems

Determinants of witnessed parental physical violence among university students in transitional Albania
In Western countries, the prevalence rates and health effects of witnessed domestic violence among children and adolescents have been extensively reported in the past few years

Gender differences in smoking experience and cessation: do wealth and education matter equally for women and men in Serbia
Serbia has the reputation of having a very high smoking prevalence, together with Bulgaria, Turkey and Albania

Social inequalities in quitting smoking: what factors mediate the relationship between socioeconomic position and smoking cessation?
In England, one in five adults smokes and tobacco causes 18% of deaths.  In Scotland smoking rates are higher, at 24% and smoking is estimated to account for up to 27% of deaths

Can a community based 'smoke free homes' intervention persuade families to apply smoking restrictions at homes?
Children exposed to second hand smoke have an increased risk of developing adverse health outcomes, becoming smokers themselves and achieving lower educational attainment

Changes in smoking habits of smokers under bombing by rockets
Civilian communities in Southern Israel have been exposed to intermittent rocket bombing from the Gaza Strip since 2001, which also continued after the disengagement of Israel from Gaza in 2005

Sweet and salty nutritional content and analysis of baby and toddler foods
Dietary sodium and sugar have been the objects of much recent attention (by media, government bodies, public health advocates etc). 

The effects of screening on health behavior: a summary of the results of randomised controlled trials
Screening aims to improve health by detecting risk factors or early detection of disease.  Risk factor screening is a strategy for primary prevention

Media coverage and public reaction to a celebrity cancer diagnosis
The reality television celebrity Jade Goody died from cervical cancer on 22 March 2009.  Ms Goody's illness was associated with increased media and public interest in cervical cancer

The perceived sexual health needs of looked after young people: findings from a qualitative study led through a partnership between public health and health psychology
The sexual health of young people in the UK and Scotland is persistently found to be worse than most of Western Europe.  Sexual health may be particularly compromised in vulnerable populations

Asking people directly about preferred health seeking behavior yields invalid response: an experiment in south-east Nigeria
There are many public and private providers of malaria treatment in Nigeria ranging from formal to informal providers located in urban and rural areas round the country but prompt and appropriate treatment of malaria remains a challenge in the country

Price deflation and the underground organ economy in the Philippines
This is a study about the illegal organ traffic.  The global demand for kidneys is the highest among all human organs

COPD in England: a comparison of expected, model based prevalence and observed prevalence from general practice data
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is characterised by progressive airflow obstruction, which is incoming reversible

Estimating the future healthcare costs of an aging population in the UK: expansion of morbidity and the need for preventative care
There is increasing concern in healthcare organisations throughout the world about how to cope with an aging population

Identification of innovation in public health
Public health interventions are intended to improve or protect health, or prevent ill health in populations and the implementation of effective PHIs is a government priority

Constituent country inequalities in myocardial infarction incidence and case fatality in men and women in the United Kingdom, 1996-2005
Acute myocardial infarction in the major cause of coronary heart disease morbidity and mortality