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Clinical Governance

01 May 2010

Is inadequate response to whistleblowing perpetuating a culture of silence in hospitals?
A whistleblower can be defined as "someone who identifies an incompetent, unethical or illegal situation in the workplace and reports it to someone who has the power to stop the wrong"

Implementation of a prolonged neonatal jaundice protocol supported by electronic software
Prolonged neonatal jaundice is defined as jaundice persisting beyond two weeks of age in term babies and three weeks in pre-term babies

Patient and public involvement in translative healthcare research
Patient and public involvement is not yet a precisely defined concept but it is becoming an important pillar of healthcare policy where it has two overarching purposes: to improve the quality of services; and to enhance accountability for public spending

The perceived advantages and disadvantages of regional audit a qualitative study
Audit "the systematic, critical analysis of the quality of medical care", (Department of Health, 1989), has become an integral and compulsory component of modern clinical practice

Chaperone's and intimate physical examinations: consultant practice and views on chaperone's
In 2004 a Public Enquiry into the unprofessional behaviour of Dr Clifford Ayling, a General Practitioner from Kent, who was convicted of 13 counts of indecent assault on female patients between 1991 and 1998, made recommendations regarding the use of chaperone's at an individual and Trust level (Ayling Report, 2004)

Community of Competence background theory and concepts - Part I
"Community" is rapidly becoming a new metaphor for the word "organisation".  For hundreds of thousands of years, people shared competencies, ranging from searching for food to creating state of the art technology

A randomised 2 x 2 trial of community versus hospital pulmonary rehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease followed by telephone or conventional follow up
Pulmonary rehabilitation is a well established treatment modality for chronic obstructive disease recommended in national and international guidelines