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Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

01 Feb 2007

Continuing Professional Education
Geographical epidemiology, spatial analysis and geographical information systems: a multidisciplinary glossary

We provide a relatively non-technical glossary of terms and a description of the tools used in spatial or geographical epidemiology and associated geographical information systems

Evidence Based Public Health Policy & Practice
Assessing post-disaster consequences for health at the population level: experience from the AZF factory explosion in Toulouse

A major explosion occurred in the AZF chemical factory in Toulouse in September 2001. A comprehensive programme of epidemiology surveillance was set up

Personal, social and environmental determinants of educational inequalities in walking: a multilevel study
Despite the well-known benefits of physical activity for health, large proportions of the population in many developed countries are physically inactive

Cardiovascular risk prediction tools for populations in Asia
The evaluation of an individual's risk of experiencing a future cardiovascular event increasingly forms the basis of clinical guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases worldwide

Participative risk communication in a industrial village in Sardinia
Industrial settlements represent particularly in deprived regions a main source of employment and economic development, and therefore working people and their families are often inclined to defend them

Effectiveness of a physician-orientated feedback intervention on inappropriate hospital stays
Inappropriate hospital use is defined as days a patient is hospitalised to receive care that, from the clinical perspective, could be provided on a less complex level

Research Report
Association between childhood fatal injuries and socioeconomic position at individual and area levels: a multilevel study

Injury is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children in developing as well as in developed countries

The relation between family socioeconomic trajectories from childhood to adolescence and dental caries and associated oral behaviours
The relation between the socioeconomic position of individuals and their health has been well established

Stronger associations between daily mortality and fine participate air pollution in summer than in winter: evidence from a heavily polluted region in western Europe
Conclusion: The short term effect of particulate air pollution on mortality strongly depends on outdoor temperature, even in a temperate climate

Social gradients in binge drinking and abstaining: trends in a cohort of British adults
Binge drinking is a current policy concern in the UK and also in other countries

Organisational downsizing and increased use of psychotropic drugs among employees who remain in employment
Common trends in modern work life include global competition and organisational changes such as downsizing and mergers

Mortality in relation to sex in the affluent world
Gender differences have been consumed by social change. We are in the midst of an ascent of women matched with an equivalent of men

Modelling of municipal mortality due to haematological neoplasias in Spain
Spatial analysis of health events (spatial epidemiology) is a discipline that, despite still being in the developmental phrase, can already claims its own domain in the field of health research