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Below is a selection of documents that are of key interest to Mental Health staff

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) NICE guidelines September 2008
A Misspent Opportunity? In this report the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia examines initial progress made by Primary Care Trusts in England towards implementing the National Dementia Strategy March 2010
Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adults Living in Households throughout England Report from the adult psychiatric morbidity survey 2007 September 2009
Changes in offending following prescribing for drug misuse Research briefing from the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse  November 2008 
Coercion and Consent: monitoring the Mental Health Act 2007-2009 The Mental Health Act Commission 13th Biennial Report 2007-2009 July 2009
Commissioning IAPT for the whole community: improving access to psychological therapies

This document is intended to assist commissioners (including practice-based commissioners), to deliver Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services that are effective and appropriate for the whole community, using innovative ways of meeting the needs of local people. It is drawn from the work of the IAPT special interest groups (SIGs).

February 2009
Commissioning mental wellbeing National Mental Health Development Unit November 2010
Commissioning services and support for people with learning disabilities and complex needs  Care Quality Commission report March 2009
Commissioning services for people with dementia Department of Health July 2011
Common Grounds? Report on the conference:"Building alliances for positive mental health:communities, community development and service user groups"

July 2008

Completing the revolution: transforming mental health and tackling povery

Mental Health Working Group: Centre for Social Justice

October 2011
Confident Communities, Brighter Futures: a framework for developing well-being Department of Health, Mental Health Division report March 2010

Choice in the English Mental Health System: a policy briefing

A report from SANE October 2008
Count me in 2008

 Results of the 2008 national census of inpatients in mental health and learning disability services in England and Wales

November 2008
Dementia: Out of the Shadows People with dementia have spoken out about the impact and stigma a diagnosis has on their lives in a new Alzheimer's Society report called Dementia: Out of the Shadows October 2008
Dementia 2010: the economic burden of dementia and associated research funding in the United Kingdom Report form the Alzheimer's Research Trust February 2010
Drug Education: an Entitlement for all A report to Government by the Advisory Group on Drug and Alcohol education 2008
Drug Misuse Declared: Findings from the 2007/08 British Crime Survey These statistics cover self-reported drug use for adults and young people in England and Wales from the 2007-08 British Crime Survey October 2008
Equality in later life: A national study of older people’s mental health services Healthcare Commission report March 2009
Fairer care funding: the Dilnot Report

Commission on Funding of Care and Support

July 2011
A Future Vision for Mental Health A report from the Future Vision Coalition July 2009
Guide for Commissioners of Services for People with Learning Disabilities who Challenge Services Report from the National Development Team for Inclusion November 2010
Health Inequalities and and People with Learning Disabilities in the UK: 2011: Implications and actions for commissioners and providers of social care

Improving Health & Lives: Learning Disabilities Observatory

December 2011
Healthcare for all Report of the independent inquiry into access to healthcare for people with learning disabillities July 2008

Improving the Health and Wellbeing of People with Learning Disabilities: An Evidence-Based Commissioning Guide for Clinical Commissioning Groups

Improving Health and Lives Learning Disabilities Observatory

July 2012
Independent Mental Health Advocacy: guidance for commissioners This guide outlines the statutory independent mental health advocacy (IMHA) role and discusses good practice for the IMHA services and recommended commissioning processes December 2008
Joining the conversation - social media and mental health services

NHS Confederation: Mental Health Network

November 2011
Learning Difficulties: future challenges This Mental Capital & Wellbeing project report, published by the Government Office for Science is for all health professionals with an interest in child development September 2008
Long-term conditions and mental health:the cost of co-morbidities Report from the King's Fund and the Centre for Mental Health February 2012
Maximising resources in adult mental health Audit Commission briefing June 2010
This Mental Capital & Wellbeing project report, published by the Governement Office for Science is for all health professsionals who have an interest in mental development  September 2008

Mental Health Act Annual Report: 2010/11

Care Quality Commission December 2011

Mental health and the productivity challenge: improving quality and value for money

King's Fund report December 2010
Mental Health: future challenges This Mental Capital & Wellbeing project report, published by the Governement Office for Science is for all health professsionals who have an interest in mental health

September 2008

Mental Health: resilience and inequalities Report from the World Health Organization 2009
Mental health inequalities: measuring what counts Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health February 2010
Mental Wellbeing and Older People NICE Public Health intervention guidance October 2008
Munro Review of Child Protection: Interim Report: The Child's Journey Professor Eileen Munro February 2011
National confidential inquiry into suicide and homicide by people with mental illness  University of Manchester research July 2010
National Dementia Strategy The first ever National Dementia Strategy is a landmark document that will transform the quality of dementia care. DH February 2009

No health without mental health: a cross-Government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages

Department of Health strategy February 2011
No Health without Public Mental Health: the case for action Report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists October 2010
Out of sight: stopping the neglect and abuse of people with a learning disability Mencap: report following the Winterbourne investigation August 2012
Out of the Shadows? Review by YoungMinds of the responses to reccommmendations made in: Pushed into the Shadows October 2008

Recovery, Public Mental Health and Wellbeing

This briefing paper is one of a series for the Implementing Recovery through Organisational

Change project, managed by the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network and Centre for Mental Health
October 2012

Safe and Appropriate Care for Young People on Adult Mental Health Wards

This report sets out the first set of agreed crtieria on what constitutes safe and appropriate care for young people on adult mental health wards January 2009
Self-harm, Suicide and Risk: Helping People who Self-harm Final report of a working party at the Royal College of Psychiatrists July 2010
Seven steps to patient safety in mental health The Seven steps to patient safety in mental health describes a framework for mental health organisation’s staff and teams on which to build work towards improving the safety of service users November 2008
Shifting Responsibilities, Sharing Costs Report by the Social Market Foundation on meeting the Mental Health challenge for welfare reform 2008
Smoking,drinking and drug use among young people in England in 2009 NHS Information Centre report July 2010
Statistics of mentally disordered offenders National Statistics for 2007 from the Ministry of Justice February 2009
Supporting people with autism through adulthood This report examines the range of services for adults with autism and their carers in England, including health and social care, education, benefits and employment support June 2009
Targeted Mental Health in Schools Project This guide supports the strategic integration of all agencies involved in the delivery of child and adolescent mental health services (including schools) so that they can work together to deliver flexible, responsive and effective early intervention mental health services 2008
Three years on: Survey of the emotional development and well-being of children and young people This 2007 survey followed up the second national survey of children's mental health carried out in 2004 October 2008
Valuing Employment Now: real jobs for people with learning disabilities The strategy sets out a vision to increase the number of real jobs for people with learning disabilities with appropriate support being provided, and close the employment gap with their employment rate and that of the disabled population as a whole June 2009
Valuing people now: a new three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities Department of Health strategy in response to the Healthcare for all inquiry January 2009
Ofsted Report March 2013
What about us? This report sets out guidelines for improving the experiences of young people with learning difficulties in mainstream education October 2008
Whole-person care: from rhetoric to reality: achieving parity between mental and physical health RCPsych report March 2013
World class commissioning for the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities Department of Health commissioning guide November 2009

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