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Useful Public Health Resources

Resource Name Description Date
2009 Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer Department of Health March 2010
Be active, be healthy: a plan for getting the nation moving DH Guidance February 2009
Cancer Commissioning Guidance DH Guidance and Toolkit January 2009
Closing the Gap National study on Health Inequalities from CQC September 2009
Commissioning and behaviour change: KICKING BAD HABITS FINAL REPORT This report assesses existing and innovative methods the health service can use to persuade people to adopt more healthy lifestyles December 2008
Commmissioning for outcomes: a resource guide for commissioners of health and social care Liverpool Primary Care Trust  October 2011
Commissioning for sustainable development: a how-to guide for commissioners NHS Sustainable Development Unit April 2010
Commissioning in a Cold Climate NHS Confederation discussion paper No. 5 June 2009
Consultation on joint strategic needs assessment and joint health and well being strategy guidance DH July 2012
Delivering the Public Health Outcome Framework: report of the Director of Public Health Joint report from NE Essex PCT and ECC December 2011
ERPHO products and services for PCTS Guide to the Eastern Region Public Health Observatory Autumn 2009
Fair Society, Healthy Lives The Marmot Review final report February 2010

General health checks in adults for reducing morbidity and mortality from disease

Cochrane Systematic Review on Health Checks October 2012
Getting it right for children and young people: overcoming barriers in the NHS so as to meet their needs DH review conducted by Sir Ian Kennedy September 2010
Growing up in Social Housing:a profile of four generations, 1946 to the present day

This research draws on four British birth cohort studies to examine the role of social housing for four generations of families since the second world war

July 2009

Growing up with diabetes:children and young people with diabetes 

Report of a survey conducted by RCPCH March 2009
Health and Social Care Bill 2010- 2011 HMS Government January 2011
Health Inequalities Intervention Toolkit London Health Observatory April 2010
Health Inequalities: Third Report of Session 2008–09
House of Commons Health Committee report March 2009
Health Profiles of England published by the Association of Public Health Observatories - these health profiles show a picture of the health of the population at regional and local levels June 2008
Healthy lives, brighter futures – The strategy for children and young people’s health DH Guidance February 2009

Healthy lives, healthy people: our strategy for public health in England

Department of Health White Paper December 2010
Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Towards a workforce strategy for the public health system Department of Health March 2012
Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives:
A toolkit for developing local strategies
An update on the previous toolkit Lightening the Load: Tackling Overweight and Obesity: A toolkit for developing local strategies.


Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives: Commissioning weight management services for children and young people
This guide has been developed to support local areas in commissioning weight management services for children and young people November 2008
High Quality Care for All: NHS next stage review final report Final report of Lord Darzi's NHS Next Stage Review. It responds to the 10 SHA strategic visions and sets out a vision for an NHS with quality at its heart June 2008 
Improving quality in primary care

This is a practical guide to support PCTs as commissioners of primary care, in working with local clinicians and other stakeholders - including patients - to promote continuous quality and productivity improvement in primary care services. DH

October 2009
Inclusion Health: improving the way we meet the primary care health needs of the socially excluded Cabinet Office March 2010
Living with poverty: a review of the literature on children's and families' experiences of poverty Department for Work and Pensions Research Report 594 July 2009
Local authority child health profiles 2012 for the East of England ChiMat March 2012

Low-income Groups and Behaviour Change Interventions

A review of intervention content and effectiveness March 2008
Marmot Indicators for Local Authorities in England, 2012 London Health Observatory February 2012
Mid Essex Public Health Annual Report 2008 Report from the NHS Mid Essex Director of Public Health Improvement 2008
DH Policy December 2010
Patient and public engagement: the early impact of world-class commissioning: a survey of Primary Care Trusts Results of a survey carried out by the Picker Institute in February 2009 June 2009
Patient Choice: how patients choose and how providers respond Kings's Fund report June 2010
PCT decision making processes on medicine

The guiding principles for processes supporting local decision making about medicines

January 2009
PCT World Class Commissioning League Tables Health Service Journal publication March 2009
Practice-Based Commissioning: Reinvigorate, Replace or Abandon? The findings from the King's Fund year-long study in four areas show an urgent need for a new PBC model, or complementary models November 2008
Primary Care Service Framework: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia  NHS Primary Care Commissioning February 2010
Progress Report:evaluation of the national integrated care pilots Report produced for the Department of Health November 2010

Protecting people, promoting health: A public health approach to violence prevention in England

This Department of Health report outlines the new public health approach to reducing the ill-heath directly and indirectly caused by violence

October 2012
Reaching out: community engagement and health NICE & IDea report July 2009
Real Involvement: Working with people to improve services This guidance for NHS organisations covers the duty to involve patients in health care decisions

November 2008

Regulated fertility services: a commissioning aid - June 2009 This report was produced by the Expert Group on Commissioning NHS Infertility Provision June 2009
Return on Investment in Public Health An epidemiological and economic analysis prepared for the Australian Department of Health and Ageing 2003
Seven steps to patient safety for primary care The Seven steps to patient safety for primary care sets out the steps that primary care organisations should take to improve patient safety November 2008
Structure of Public Health England: Fact sheet Department of Health July 2012
The state of health care and adult social care in England: key themes and quality of services in 2009 Care Quality Commission report February 2010
The state of health care and adult social care in England: an overview of key themes in care 2009/10 Care Quality Commission report March 2011
Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post 2010 (Marmot Review) Complete set of documents relating to the First Phase June 2009
Supporting people with long term conditions: commissioning personalised care planning - a guide for commissioners
This guide will provide commissioners of health and social care services with information and support they need to embed personalised care planning in their localities January 2009

Tackling inequalities in life expectancy in areas with the worst health and deprivation

Department of Health & National Audit Office July 2010
Transforming community services: enabling new patterns of provision Guidance for PCT Providers January 2009
Transforming community services: the assurance and approvals process for PCT-provided community services  Department of Health guidance February 2010
Transforming community services quality framework:guidance for community services This guidance sets out how the seven elements of the quality framework apply to community services. It includes a set of proposed indicators of quality that will be developed and assured for publication June 2009
Transforming community services and world class commissioning: resource pack for commissioners of community services Department of Health good practice guidance January 2009
Use of Alcohol among Children & Young People This research looked at barriers to young people getting involved with alcohol and barriers to stopping drinking 2008

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