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Tablet Treatment for Children - 2013-03-21

Tablet computers are being provided for Children’s Mental Health Services. Care and Support Manager, Norman Lamb, announced this move towards improving early and effective intervention for children and young people suffering from mental health problems. It is thought that using this technology to track their progress will appeal to children and will also help therapists monitor and adjust the treatment given. This use of technology fits well with the the government's mandate to the NHS published in November 2012, which set out the ambitions for the health service over two years, with a clear objective to put mental health on a level with physical health and to extend and ensure more open access to the ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Programme’, in particular for children and young people and for those out of work.
Other moves to help children in mental distress include the campaign launched by four youth charities, Young Minds, ChildLine, YouthNet and who have joined together to promote awareness of self-harm. The number of young people who self-harm as a result of depression, loneliness and family problems is estimated to be about 1 in 12 and is a major concern for children as young as 13. Support available at a young age, early in the development of mental health problems, could reduce the number of children taking their problems through to their adult lives.

Living well for longer - 2013-03-12

Improvements in the fight against the 5 major causes of death, including new plans to tackle cardiovascular disease, could save 30,000 lives by 2020, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced. This link leads to an outline of the strategy and video where Jeremy Hunt speaks of his ambition to cut avoidable deaths from the 5 major causes – cancer, heart, stroke, respiratory and liver disease – and to make life expectancy in England among the best in Europe.

A document on Equality Analysis gives a summary of the various issues around achieving a longer and healthier life expectancy for all of the population.

Public Health England 2013 - 2013-03-12

The Department of Health has published an article on the tasks ahead for Public Health England. The article 'Global Burden of Disease study shows mixed picture for UK health' sets out current health comparison with other countries and aims for improvements.

The five main health challenges within the UK population are seen as smoking, alcohol, obesity, inactivity & high blood pressure.

Linked with the aim to reduce the number of cases of high blood pressure is the drive to reduce salt intake launched today by Anna Soubry.

Minding Matters Recent Blog Posts

Mental Health & Social Care Bulletin No. 422 - 2013-12-18

You can access all the latest information in Bulletin No. 422 which is not only the final bulletin of 2013 but also my final bulletin as I am retiring. Hopefully this blog will be continued by the new appointee. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.


Mental Health & Social Care Bulletin No. 421 - 2013-12-16

As hosts of the 2nd only disease specific G8 summit, the first being on HIV, the UK has called upon the world to meet the challenge of dementia; a disease that should no longer just be considered a natural part of getting older. The summit was addressed by both the Prime Minister and the the Health Secretary. All this and more in Bulletin 421

Mental Health & Social Care Bulletin No. 420 - 2013-12-06

With the G8 Summit on Dementia taking place here in the UK on the 11th December, the Department of Health has issued a press statement informing the public that they will be able to watch the summit live through the Dementia Challenge site. Much more mental health and social care news and research can be accessed in Bulletin No. 420.